Six Walking Apps That You Should Definitely Have a Look At

  • Friday, Nov 27, 2020

If walking has become part of your fitness plan or if you just want to up your game a bit, then you have to keep track of the steps that you are walking. You might feel that you are getting plenty of steps in when running after your children or going to and from work each day, but this is something that you can never be certain of. Experts recommend that you take at least 10,000 steps per day to lose weight, so how can you keep track of these? Well, thanks to a number of fantastic walking apps, counting steps is something that has never been easier. Below we shall look at some of the best walking apps that are available at the moment.


Map My Walk

This is an app by Under Armour that you can make use of to track your routes and miles. The app gives you feedback for every mile that you walk and uses GPS so that you can see the distance that you have walked, the average speed that you have been walking, and the calories you have burnt off. You have the option of saving the routes that you walk if you like so that you can use them for future reference. Additionally, if someone nearby has been using the app you can select their route to walk if they have uploaded it. You even have the option of connecting with friends that also make use of this app, so you can help motivate each other to walk.

Argus: Calorie Counter and Step

This is an app that will count your steps as well as track your sleep patterns and heart rate. You can also upload step challenges that other users can accept so that you can see who will earn bragging rights. Furthermore, you can log in all the food you consume using the barcode scanner so that you can keep track of the calories that you have consumed in a day. If this was not enough, there are also workout videos that you can watch and participate in.

Walkmeter Walking and Hiking GPS

This app will count all of your steps and the only device that you need is your mobile. You can even make use of Google Maps to see traffic maps, but you need to be connected to Wi-Fi or Internet. At the end of an exercise session, you will be told just how many calories you have burnt. As well as walking, you will also be able to track your cycling, running, and other

activities. This app has a basic version which is free, but you will need to pay if you would like to make use of the more advanced features.

StepsApp Pedometer

Sometimes when you are tracking your steps and miles, simplicity is key. This app will count every step that you take using just your mobile. If you own an Apple Watch, then you can use that instead. You will be given a summary of your exercise time, the distance you walked, and the number of calories that you burnt off. You can also use weekly, monthly, and yearly charts to keep track of the progress that you have made.


World Walking

Have you ever sat there and wondered what it would be like to take a stroll around Paris or climb a mountain in Peru? Well, if so, you no longer need to wonder as World Walking app gives you the chance to walk over 200 routes from a wide variety of countries. This app has wonderful facts and photos, so you can learn fascinating things about the different locations as you walk. This app gives you the ability to turn a boring walk in your neighborhood into a worldly adventure. This is one app that will certainly get you off your couch and getting some steps in.

Weight Loss Walking

If you are serious about walking to lose weight, then this app by Verv is one that you should definitely have a look at. There is a 3-month training program for the different levels (both outdoors and indoors) that can help you improve your number of steps and pace so that you can reach your goals. You can also use GPS to map your walks and you will receive detailed stats so that you can keep an eye on how you are getting on. To add to all this, you will also receive dozens of great tips for healthy eating, walking, and improving your lifestyle. While the other apps on this list are free, this one is not. This app will cost you $10 per month, $42 for a 6-month period, or $60 for a lifelong subscription.